DMCA Service

Reproduction, rental, publication, display, modification, reproduction, distribution, naming of the onlyfans protection work without the permission of the owner, naming it as its own work, performing actions that allow it to be disseminated to the public by means of visual or audio communication, incomplete, misleading or deceptive information regarding the work and the copyright of the work. Behaviors in the form of giving information constitute a violation of this right. In violation of this right, the following lawsuits, which are detailed in our law, are filed.

Only Fans DMCA Service

Criminal Case; In the event of one of the violations listed in our law, right holders must first warn that the work can be removed from the content within 3 days. In case of non-compliance with the warning, a criminal case is opened by filing a criminal complaint with the relevant Public Prosecutor’s Office as soon as possible. The relevant Public Prosecutor may also request the suspension of the service as a precautionary measure.

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