Aeldra Zeta Yang

Aeldra Zeta Yang

Metin2 is a computer game. There are many violent elements in the game. In order to play Metin2, which was designed in Korea in 2005, it is necessary to enter the site and register as a member. Players are trying to ensure peace and justice in the world with the dragon god in the game. While doing this, wars happen and the dose of violence increases. In the game, there are images of war made with sharp and piercing weapons such as line, sword, machete, ax, as well as images of people being cut into pieces by wild animals and their meat eaten. The player buys characters with money to get stronger.

Aeldra Zeta Yang Kaufen

Players trying to develop their own character by fighting in the online game where each player has a character can also communicate with other people playing the game. It is played by close to 150 million people worldwide. You can easily play on the aeldra zeta yang server.

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