Giving Thanks When the World Is on Fire

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. At this time of year I usually thank you, my readers, for all your support, and I am once again grateful for that this year. As always, it is a privilege to be able to email you. I am also thankful for all of the ways that Interpreter subscribers are an active community: that you not only read these newsletters but also recommend books, email me feedback, and send questions and suggestions that give me ideas for future columns.

But this year, even more than in previous ones, I find that I cannot count the blessings without also counting the sorrows and fears that lurk in their shadows.

While I am thankful for this job and community, I am also thankful that I can work in safety, unlike the 53 journalists and media workers who have been killed in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon since the war began or the many others who continue to work despite constant and inescapable mortal danger.

I am thankful that my family and I do not have to huddle in a hospital or in a school in the vain hope of being safe from bombs, or to rely on an “iron dome” to protect us from rockets.

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