4 weeks ago

    Jimmy Buffett, Roguish Bard of Island Escapism, Is Dead at 76

    With songs like “Margaritaville” and “Fins,” he became a folk hero to fans known as Parrot Heads. He also became…
    26 August 2023

    Bob Barker, Longtime Host of ‘The Price Is Right,’ Dies at 99

    The winner of numerous Emmy Awards, he was almost as well known for his advocacy of animal rights as he…
    26 August 2023

    Women Say Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Is Rife in Group for Realtors

    The powerful National Association of Realtors has ignored sexual harassment complaints, including those against the group’s president, current and former…
    26 August 2023

    I Think Our Condo Board Is Spying on Us. Are These Cameras Legal?

    Cameras that capture images in common areas of buildings for security purposes are lawful. Recording conversations, typically, is not.
    25 August 2023

    Why You Should Listen to Your Worst Instincts

    There is no end of advice these days on how to be a good person, how to make good decisions,…
    25 August 2023

    Raising a Hand for the Man in the Mug Shot

    One by one, some with a little hesitation, six hands went up on the debate stage Wednesday night when the…
    25 August 2023

    Life After Loss Is Awful. I Need to Believe It’s Also Beautiful.

    In Jewish tradition, a child who loses a parent is required to say Kaddish, the mourner’s prayer, every day for…
    25 August 2023

    Artists Have Little to Fear From A.I.

    I’ve got 99 problems with A.I., but intellectual property ain’t one. Media and entertainment industries have lately been consumed with…
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