1 day ago

    We Have a Housing Crisis. This New Jersey Town Has a Solution.

    Palisades Park is ending the tyranny of single-family homes.
    3 days ago

    He Thought He Had Bought a Great Apartment. The Ceiling Held a Secret.

    A home buyer quickly found out his co-op shared something in common with Carnegie Hall, Grand Central Station and the…
    4 days ago

    Restoring a Chair Is Easier Than You Think. Ask the Brownstone Boys.

    Jordan Slocum and Barry Bordelon have a lot of practice restoring brownstones in Brooklyn, so refinishing a chair was no…
    4 days ago

    Two Floors of a Century-Old Mansion Are Listed on the Upper East Side

    The longtime auctioneer David Redden and his wife, Jeanette, are selling their duplex penthouse at the Joseph Pulitzer House. The…
    4 days ago

    $800,000 Homes in Glasgow, Scotland

    A Victorian rowhouse in the Kelvinbridge district and two four-bedroom houses in the leafy suburb of Bearsden.
    4 days ago

    Trump Is Not Invincible

    In the folk wisdom of recent American politics, Donald Trump is a figure of herculean invulnerability to traditional scandal. What…
    4 days ago

    Watch Out for the Better Mother

    Sometimes, particularly in a public parenting setting, I will play the Better Mother. This is the mother who stands attentively…
    4 days ago

    After College Presidents, Republicans Are Coming for Liberal Donors

    In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland this week, the Republican senator Josh Hawley demanded a federal investigation into…
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